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We experience of over 20 years in the field of UPVC windows, Sri Amman began in 2013..
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Head Office

154, Kotagiri Road, Viapon Mary Residency,
Charring Cross, Ooty - 643002.

Branch Office

2/3, Vaiko Nagar, Tvs Nagar Road,
Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore - 641030.

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UPVC Windows Manufacturers In Coimbatore

We are uPVC windows manufacturers

SAT Upvc Windows is one of the most prominent UPVC window manufacturers. Here, we provide premium UPVC windows that go through a number of quality checks with members of our expertise team. As a result, our UPVC windows are stronger and more durable. We provide UPVC windows to multi-story buildings and residential structures. We have also collaborated with renowned architects and engineers on commercial projects, industrial projects, and educational institutions.

Despite being quite aesthetically beautiful, our UPVC windows don't need any upkeep. When living in an environment that lacks airflow, is steamy, or even has a lot of dust buildup, installing an UPVC window is a sensible decision. Our windows might help if you live in a city where the traffic noise is constant and intolerable by isolating you from the unpleasant sounds. These UPVC windows' durability or resistance is a result of the vinyl polymer's ability to bond to chlorine atoms during manufacturing.

Because of its rigidity, long life, impact strength, and other distinctive qualities, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is opening up a whole new world of potential in building joinery products. In several parts, it has taken the place of wood and aluminium. It is the most popular material for doors and windows in Europe, and architects all over the world strongly advise using it. Due to its numerous advantages, it is quickly becoming more common in India as well and SAT UPVS is the leading UPVC windows manufacturers.

Customers can choose from a variety of window alternatives to better fit their preferences or aesthetic appeal. Glass thickness can be customised to meet the needs and preferences of the customer. For the customer's advantage, there are several colours and finishes to pick from.Our UPVC windows manufacturers in coimbatore fully allow our customers to choose the size and dimension of the UPVC windows because customization plays a significant part in the interior design of a home or business building.

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    Head Office

    • No.2/3, Vaiko Nagar, Tvs Nagar Road, Kavundampalayam,
      Coimbatore - 641030.

    Branch Office

    • No.154 Kotagiri Road, Viapon Mary Residency,
      Charring Cross, Ooty - 643002.


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